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This is what makes them adventures. So make sure you have this. All travel insurance policies have an exclusion saying that if you break the law they have the right to deny the claim. It might be legal for you to whizz around in a Rickshaw in India on your licence - but maybe not in your country of origin, so it is entirely your responsibility to make sure your insurer will cover you with whatever licence you have. Indian Visa Many nationalities can buy this in advance to pick up on the border. We wouldn't scrimp on this one, we might make light of the dangers in our writing, but they're very real.

Although it's optional in June, you should definitely try and go that way if you can, as it's quite simply the most adventurous part of one of our most adventurous events. The permit can't be applied for before you arrive in India as it can only be obtained in Himachal Pradesh and you will need help from a travel agent to get it. The deposit is fully refundable and deductions will only be made if you fail to return the vehicle, if it is seriously damaged or if there are bits missing.

The deposit will be paid by your team a couple of months before the launch. Fuel, Food and Lodging You We mentioned this is a remote part of the world right?

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Because the roads between the start and finish line are shut for at least half the year, there are almost no permanent features on this terrain. Not much has changed in this respect since the ancient trade routes passed through here on the way to China. The main source of food and accommodation is the 'Dhaba' roadside eateries, often little more than a tent with a daybed. Your Rickshaw Few locals up here have ever seen a rickshaw.

While that doesn't mean they wouldn't be able to fix them, it does mean that spare parts are few and far between. Fuel stops are very far apart. While you might be able to buy it by the bottle from passing locals you will definitely need to keep your jerry can filled for the longer stretches.

A word on the weather A bit shit.

Okay, so that's three words, but you get the gist. The weather is likely to be not good. Or if it is good, it's likely to be not good before too long. It will definitely get cold. It will very likely snow. There will almost certainly be rain.

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Because of the aforementioned rain and snow, landslides and avalanches are fairly common around here, bridges and roads frequently get swept away. Generally, this happens in the off-season but you'll likely be delayed by the aftermath. Sounds like fun eh? What you get for your money The Rickshaw A 3-wheeled, 4-stroke air-cooled rickshaw, pimped to your own design with insurance and all the other necessary paperwork. Test driving, mechanical briefing, launch party and finish party. A jerry can and a few key spare parts plus the tools to change them.

A week of some of the most underpant-stirring adventuring possible in a rickshaw. Cool Earth works alongside indigenous villages to halt rainforest destruction. All Cool Earth partnerships are community-owned and led.

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By developing local livelihoods, their mission is to end the cycle of deforestation entrenching villages into further poverty. Creating strong, self-determining communities. We need to save every rainforest in the world so future generations have somewhere to get stuck. We don't just want to have adventures across this here planet, we also want to save it a bit too. We're working with the lovely folks at Cool Earth trying to not just save a tiny piece of the world at a time, but by saving the whole thing in one go.

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The best way to raise these funds is through your friends and families, people you work with or anyone who's got a dirty little secret only you know about. We've found that the best way to collect these funds is through an online platform such as Virgin Money Giving as they make it easy for us to count the funds, the cash goes straight to the charities and also because it is possible for the charities to claim Gift Aid. In , a hotspot reappraisal classified the region as part of two hotspots: Indo-Burma and the newly distinguished Himalaya.

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Our investment also supported the establishment of a network of more than 30 experts and conservationists, building new capacity for species conservation. In addition, five multi-stakeholder collaborative networks were either established or strengthened at various levels of decision-making and on numerous topics, signaling a new approach to conservation in a region that historically had been characterized by isolated and fragmented approaches.

A total of 1, households benefited directly from CEPF projects across a broad array of activities, including alternative and sustainable livelihood programs, park management implementation, sustainable agriculture, watershed management, and ecotourism. The youngest and highest mountain chain on Earth, the Himalaya stretches in an arc across northern Pakistan; Nepal; Bhutan; the northwestern and northeastern states of India adjoining Myanmar; and the southwest China border in the east. The hotspot supports globally significant populations of several large mammals—including the Endangered tiger P anthera tigris and Endangered Asian elephant Elephas maximus —along with smaller mammals and birds such as the red panda Ailurus fulgens and white-winged duck Asarcornis scutulata.

The rugged, and largely inaccessible, landscape of the Himalaya makes biological surveys in the hotspot difficult.

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Significant areas of intact forests are little or entirely unexplored. Thus, many floral and faunal taxonomic groups are understudied and the true extent of the biodiversity is undoubtedly underestimated. Many unique and diverse human groups are also found here.

Nepal counts more than 27 ethnic groups, either of Tibetan-Burmese or Indo-Aryan descent, while Bhutan has three main ethnic groups—the Ngalongs, Sharchogpas and Lhotsampas—with many smaller groups having their own unique cultural practices. The northeast part of India, meanwhile, has more than distinct ethnic groups. Priority KBA. Priority Corridor. Other KBA.