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Improve Business Success by Improving Yourself - Due

No one gets immunity from the fear, doubt and uncertainty that pursuing new endeavors presents. Make it a goal today to think of three people who can provide support and accountability for your new journey. Fear is nothing more than your body trying to protect you. Adversity and small failures are nothing but feedback and information for you to use as you proceed along your journey.

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But remember, all you need is those 20 seconds of courage to take the leap forward and grow. Dig deeper into why you want to pursue your goals. Tapping into this deeper level of motivation for why you want this thing builds endurance. It cements the goal in your mind and your heart. It keeps you on track when distractions will attempt to veer you off course. When you quit learning, you are left behind.

One of the most common traits between successful people is their habit of continuous learning. Your health is the head of an octopus and the tentacles are the other facets of life. Ambition is a double-edged sword. On one end, it motivates you to pursue your goals. Try tracking your progress on a daily basis. After all, what gets measured gets improved. Journaling is one of the best ways to manifest success , happiness and growth in all facets of your life.

So, we ask, why is change so difficult for you? After all, we all want to change. We want to be healthier, more productive and more available to our friends and family. Therefore, before you go back to old habits, try these four tips to make your resolutions "the new normal. You need one for your life, as well. Decide what you want to achieve this year. Set goals that are a stretch, but still attainable. Whether it is a healthier lifestyle, more time with friends and family or getting your finances in order, most things are achievable with the right plan.

Use the same techniques developed in the business sector to break larger objectives into smaller action items. Prioritize these actions into a to-do list and implement. Occasionally step back and ask yourself if you still want what you set out to achieve and if your plan is effective. If you answer no to either, adjust the plan. The same principle applies to your personal life. It's easier to succeed with an effective support system. Surround yourself with A-players who will back you and your vision.

We find that spending time with ambitious, positive people who are working hard to achieve success is a good place to start. Their energy is contagious. Separate yourself from people who are negative, critical, play the victim or are inherently lazy. We find that their vibe can be contagious. Think about it. When you are trying to improve your personal life, you will need a supportive team.

Choose wisely.

How to Improve the Quality of Your Business Life

Keeping the same practices while hoping for change will not work. If you want to lose weight, but continue to eat the same way and maintain your current level of activity, you won't achieve your goals. You must change and improve your processes. Be confident. No matter how terrible you may feel and no matter how dire the circumstances, as a leader you have be sure to put on a brave face and let the world know that you're still going to succeed. Reward effort.

4 Business Practices That Will Improve Your Personal Life, Too

Don't reward only results; reward the people who work hard and show great effort. Leadership is the key to 99 percent of all successful effort. Do the right thing.

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It's simple. If you are asked to do something illegal or unethical, or something that goes against your values, refuse. Make relationships important. Fostering good relationships leads to mutual trust and respect in the workplace. Be trustworthy. Trust is the foundation of success; it needs to be given so it can be returned. Be accountable. As a leader it is your job to be accountable; you must be able to deliver on your promises and keep your word.

Be committed. A visible commitment to your work and your promises will increase the respect you receive and boost your team's productivity. Get feedback. The most important feedback that you can get is from the people you are leading. It is a good idea to ask for feedback at least once a quarter. Admit mistakes. When you're wrong, say so. When you mess up, apologize and do what you can to mitigate any damage.

Be available. If you work in an office, leave your door open. If you lead remotely, make sure people know you are available. Let people be able to approach you with ease. Be forgiving.

10 Ways to Improve the Quality of Your Business Life

This one is hard, but the best leaders know that forgiveness is a tool they must master. It's how you let go and move on. Encourage creativity. There will always be a time when you need someone to think differently. Foster creativity in your team for incredible results. Delegate tasks. Become a master at the art of delegation. With a killer team and everyone working on something in their area of strength, you can make almost anything happen.

Don't settle. Look for the best solutions to your biggest problems, not just the first acceptable answer. Make sure innovation is part of the problem-solving process. Appreciate others. The worst thing you can do is take people for granted. As a leader it is important to make people feel valued. Doing so helps you retain your best people and inspires those around you to work harder. Be decisive. The worst thing you can do for your business is be a leader who cannot make decisions.

Be decisive even when the situation is difficult. Keep people growing. The best leaders are always thinking of how they can develop and grow their people--by giving them training, teaching them new skills, or just equipping them with what they need to go as far as they can go. Boost your team's self-esteem. Go out of your way to boost the self-esteem of your people.

When people believe in themselves, they can accomplish amazing things. Share the credit. Nothing great was ever accomplished alone; it takes a group of talented people to make something truly wonderful happen. Unlock potential. Give your team time and space to develop their talents and cultivate their creativity. Leadership is all about unlocking people's potential to become better. Make learning indispensable. Leadership can't happen without learning, so build it into the daily routine for yourself and your team.

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  • Be a mediator. Learn to be a mediator so you're prepared when someone becomes aggressive or hostile. Listen with understanding, and do your best to foster a positive solution.

    How You Can Improve Your Life - Keynote

    Celebrate small wins. Most people wait to celebrate the big wins, but celebrating the day-to-day victories makes a huge difference. Be positive. It's always easy to get discouraged, but the ability to maintain positivity is worth its weight in gold to you and your team. Don't tolerate gossip. It's among the most toxic forces in the workplace. Take no part in it and discourage it in every way possible--primarily with good communication that makes it unnecessary. Encourage collaboration. Collaboration builds strong teams and generates great ideas from the interplay of multiple intelligences.

    Be an active listener. Communication is vital. When you listen, you learn. Leaders need the ability to really listen in order to understand. Become an advocate. Show your team you have their back.