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Garnish with a cherry.

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He sees Kathy, the woman he once loved, crack open the front door and gaze out. She smiles gaily, and her eyes glow, but not for Mitch. The kids gallop up the stairs to hug her. She attended a conference in Richmond with her fellow shrinks and drove home that morning.

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Her antenna must be up. Mitch drops the bags in the front hallway.

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He eyes his ex, warily. He sits down on the flowered sofa, which had been there since they had purchased it from the decorator at Ethan Allen before the kids were born.

Kathy saunters into the kitchen to fetch two cups of coffee and a salted oatmeal cookie, which she must have purchased just for him. What is she up to?

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He wonders. Usually they go their separate ways until the next visitation. Mitch looks around the room. He is amazed at how things are the same.

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The same two paintings hang on the wall—in the first, a woman cradles flowers in her arms as she steps out of an orange pick-up while a man behind the wheel stares at the bucolic landscape, perhaps to avoid looking at the roadside cross that dominates the foreground. In the second, a Morris Minor is poised to pull out of a country lane into the shadow of an oncoming truck. He and Kathy both love realism of the more edgy variety.

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They love art deco, as evidenced by the clock on the mantel that cost a fortune and the brass chandelier with the amber fleurette shades that cost nothing. A friend was about to lower it into the trash in his condo. The house itself was Craftsman style, with built-in wood cabinets to either side of the fireplace where Kathy kept the Waterford glasses that they received as wedding presents.

She sets the tray down on the mission-style coffee table, another item they acquired together. He sips the tea and munches the cookie, savoring every crunchy bite.

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What a mess, he thinks, and shrugs. The Stork Club was their baby-sitting co-op that they started with their friends. He took the kids to a meeting of the club. Then he planned to take them to a movie and an overnight afterward, but Dee called.

She puts on her glasses as if to read her ex more intently. Before the kids were born she wore contacts, but they were impractical, she said. They gave her a startled look that might frighten the newborns. He found this funny but he knew better than to tell her this. It would send her off on an analytical riff. Kathy clears her throat.

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No more guilt. Admittedly, releasing a kiss-off single called "Fuck You" is not the usual MO of your typical ladies man, but then, there's nothing typical about Cee-Lo, a self-styled eccentric at once rooted in the formalism of classic soul but happily subverting the rules when the mood strikes. Motown, Stax, Philadelphia International-- all those familiar templates are on the table, but no one would ever confuse Cee-Lo's updates of revivalism or pastiche. Still, as conspicuous an anchor as "Fuck You" may be, it's not the only thing the album has going for it.

With a bevy of soul-digging producers at his beck and call including Salaam Remi and Brit synthesizers Fraser T. Throughout, Cee-Lo manages to avoid being both too rough or too smooth; that means we get not only the buoyant Motown homage "It's OK", but also the quiet storm seduction of "Bodies".