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Robert E. Lee's Greatest Regret - History

Two days later, he accepted command of the Virginia forces that later became part of the Confederate Army. He finally served as general-in-chief of all Confederate forces. Grant on April 9, Later that year, Lee cautiously accepted the presidency of Washington College. Because of his leadership of the Confederate army, Lee worried he "might draw upon the College a feeling of hostility," but also added that "I think it the duty of every citizen in the present condition of the Country, to do all in his power to aid in the restoration of peace and harmony.

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Lee incorporated the Lexington Law School into the college, encouraged the development of the sciences, and instituted programs in business instruction that led to the founding of the School of Commerce in He also inaugurated courses in journalism, which developed by into the School of Journalism now the Department of Journalism and Mass Communications.

These courses in business and journalism were the first offered in colleges in the U.

Beloved General of the South

He also established an informal code of conduct that led to today's Honor System. The former became Lee Chapel, which the University still uses for events and ceremonies and which has a museum.

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  • The latter became the Lee House, and the president and his or her family still live there. Lee died on Oct. He and his wife, Mary Custis Lee a great-granddaughter of Martha Washington , parents and children are buried in a mausoleum underneath Lee Chapel.

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    • Believing that McClellan would be slow to react to the Confederate invasion, Lee decided to split his army in order to accomplish several goals simultaneously. He issued orders outlining this plan to each of his commanders in Special Orders McClellan surprised Lee, and rather than displaying his usual slowness of action, rapidly dispatched the Army of the Potomac to cut off Lee's advance.

      General Robert E. Lee

      McClellan's delayed reaction to the opportunity to crush Lee's army in separate groups allowed Lee's forces to hold the Army of the Potomac at South Mountain long enough for the full strength of the Army of Northern Virginia to arrive on the field of Antietam on September 17, forcing McClellan into a stalemate. Following this bloodiest day in American history, heavy casualties compelled Lee to withdraw under the cover of darkness and end his campaign into Maryland when his army re-crossed the Potomac River into Virginia. Explore This Park.