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The Oratory of Our Lady of Grace is in the splendid panoramic basin in the Vercio mountain pasture , at an altitude of metres, and can be reached only on foot from the hamlet of Bracchio Mergozzo or from the Ompio mountain pasture , on the heights of Verbania. When you arrive at the Vercio mountain pasture, you will not only be fascinated by the little oratory , but also by the splendid panorama , with a sweeping view from the lakes to the peaks of the Val Grande National Park.

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The Oratory dedicated to Our Lady of Grace was first built in , on the wishes and with the work of the inhabitants of Bracchio, and was later enlarged in Every year, on the fourth Sunday in July, traditional celebrations are held at the Vercio mountain pastures : the religious procession crosses the whole of the mountain pasture on foot, providing the community of Mergozzo and its hamlets with an occasion for unity together with tourists, who appreciate this hidden and super-panoramic! Lower Ossola.

Grace Valley

Ideal for. The first homesteads were taken up along the mountain streams and lush meadowland of the river bottoms, but as more people came in, they pushed gradually northward.

Here, in the northern end of the valley, Bear River runs through a deep and rocky gorge, and the land for miles around was arid but fertile. Many heart breaking attempts were made to get water out of the river and on to the land. The very interesting story of how this was finally achieved--by digging a snow ditch--running water through it to freeze and then running the water from the river through the frozen ice-ditch, is told in the book "Gems of our Valley".

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Had it not succeeded, claims filed upon the water would have been lost. Settlements in the valley became numerous, each having its own school and church. Mound Valley was the first.

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Grace, which became the center of commerce and trade in the valley, was settled in by a little colony of people from West Jordan, Utah. In , Sam Egbert and D. Sullivan circulated a petition to obtain a post office. The Federal Government granted their petition and the first post office was located in the Sullivan home, just north of the river bridge.

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To have a post office, it was necessary to have a name and "Grace" was chosen at the suggestion of Attorney Frank Bean of the land office in Blackfoot, whose wife's name was Grace. With the water finally out onto the land, it wasn't long before large alfalfa fields dotted the countryside. Shade and fruit trees were planted. More people began to raise livestock, and all in all, was the beginning of prosperity in Gem Valley.

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