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House Of Voodoo Band.

2. Similarity of Voodoo and Indian Culture

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Witch Doctor Voodoo Doll. In stock. Very well made, quirky doll. Excellent piece of voodoo fun.

Ex-Googler: Company Has “Voodoo Doll, Avatar-Like Version of You”

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What Does Voodoo Doll Mean?

Nice gift for my daughter who has just got a new job. I did see this in a shop for 2 pounds cheaper though but I had already ordered it. Still, a nice gift for anyone starting a new job! I bought this as a gift for my boyfriend and he absolutely loves it!

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Item arrived sooner than estimated date and was well packaged! It is just under 4 inches tall and excellent quality. I added a key-chain ring holder to it to make sure it didn't break away and it's perfect now; you can never trust those beady chains used on them. Nothing distracts her from keeping her voodoo doll status current. Paulie ; "I can't believe she stepped out on me after all this time.

You're preaching to the quire. Voodoo doll unknown.


Despite the typical Hollywood stereotype, "voodoo" dolls are almost never meant to harm others. It also thought to be 'black magic', or the creepy stuff you see 'witches' doing on tv. No, its not like that at all. The dolls didn't actually originate from the Afro-Caribbean traditions. They are actually a European practice that is meant to heal certain areas of the soul or body by picking them with pins from a doll, or poppet , and sending energies to the other person or being. Bangcock